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Welcome to Consultant Services Group

Established in 1969

Consultant Services Group is a privately owned business providing contract cleaning, catering, vending and FM services to business, industry & education across the United Kingdom.

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The History of Consultant Services Group

With over 45 years experience in providing service solutions for our customers, we are perfectly positioned to ensure we bring the best resources, equipment and personnel to meet our client requirements.

Maintaining a strong financial base and an exemplary A1 credit rating along with a positive cash position has allowed us to achieve significant investment within our organisation.

We operate our services to over 500 client locations, employing a workforce in excess of 1000 personnel and have award winning Health & Safety standards.

All this along with Innovation, Flexibility and Commercial Competitiveness underpin our strategic approach to our business model.

The CSG ‘Mission Statement’

‘The policy of Consultant Services Group is to provide its customers with goods and services of the highest quality and reliability, consistent with sound commercial practices and economic consideration.

The management – designed to meet the needs and expectations of customers in every contract – has adopted a policy of continual improvement in the quality of goods and services. This involves the implementation of systems, which are designed to make use of cost effective, planned and systematic procedure that determine, assess and achieve quality and economy in compliance with the specific requirements.

It is also the company’s declared policy that employees shall have a full commitment to quality and the attitudes of ‘right first time’ will prevail at all times.

In making the above statement, the company acknowledges that training and understanding are essential requirements and have therefore adopted formal procedures to ensure that they are carried out.’

The company we keep. CSG has powerful experience providing successful services across many sectors.


Consultant Services Group are always searching for people to fulfil management positions at our headquarters in West Yorkshire. If you are interested in a career at CSG, please email us using the following link...

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Our Certifications. Consultant Services Group currently holds: