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FM Services by CSG

Consultant Services Group (CSG) provide professional Facilities Management (FM) services. Our dedicated teams of specialists to provide you with a one-stop shop solution for your overall building management and maintenance.

Deep Cleaning

Providing thorough deep cleaning services in a wide range of environments; offices, washrooms, kitchens, etc. our specialist teams ensure optimum hygiene standards and regulations are exceeded and then maintained.

Window cleaning

For many buildings, windows are an important part in making the structure spectacular. With our experienced abseil team, every floor of your building can shine - all without the use of harsh chemicals.

Washroom Services

In any sized company the first requirement in washroom areas is cleanliness. CSG goes beyond this, offering hand care, sanitising systems, feminine hygiene and consumable stock/supply management.

Janitorial Supplies

We can provide quality cleaning products, janitorial supplies and equipment for cleaning jobs across many areas, from floor polish, rubber gloves and dishcloths to buffing and carpet cleaning machinery.

Specialist floor & carpet cleaning

Businesses find that floors require regular, routine treatments and services. Whether this is a one-time express carpet clean or long term care and protection service - we have dedicated teams on-call. We also provide a convenient mat rental service consisting of a weekly, fortnightly or monthly lift and lay of logo mats.

Pest control

We offer a comprehensive and discreet range of rodent and insect pest control service, including emergency call-outs and bird control services such as building bird proofing, bird scaring and guano cleaning.

Car Park maintenance

A first impression is often pulling into your carpark and seeing your entrance area for the first time. Ensuring this space is immaculate at all times should be of utmost important. Our services include; mechanical sweeping and litter picking, gum removal, carpark re-lining and gritting and snow clearance all with the aim of making your building look its best.

Grounds Maintenance

Total ground-care makes for pristine green space for staff and visitors alike. Our services include; general gardening, soft and hard landscaping, flowerbeds, shrubberies and weeding.


As part of the FM Services offered by CSG, we provide the key security services for many businesses. This can include something as simple as alarm response and key holding to manned security patrols and professional building concierge staff.

Waste Management

In today’s ever-changing environment, responsible Waste Management is key. CSG carries out recycling, compacting and bailing duties to many sites across the UK helping you minimise your environmental impact.

“We have worked with CSG as our supplier partner for cleaning and vending services for over 5 years, it’s a true partnership working together ensuring that our workplace facilities are kept to high standards.”


Should you have any queries or for further information about our FM services, please call the Sales Department on 01924 418 057 or email